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Dare to Google the name Stanley Chi and a million related links will wash up on your computer. That’s a whole lot of Stanley Chi, proving how ubiquitous this canny comic is.
The Original "Mr. Suplado"
of the Philippines

Canny, because Stanley Chi not only wields a microphone as a standup comedian, but also a pen as a columnist at FHM Philippines. Because he can draw laughs from the crowd – figuratively and literally – with the Manila Bulletin comic strip Copy+Paste and three books of the Manila Bulletin comic strip Chopsticks under his belt. Because he has made the mundane and obvious a novel source of amusement, thanks to his book series Suplado Tips 1 & 2 selling like freshly-buttered pancakes and his newest book, Pogi Points, following suit. Because taking on a hosting stint at UR 105.9’s Robo Rock Radio Show and Dig Radio’s Suplado Show was something Stanley Chi could fit into his already-full plate. Because he has mastered not only the art of comedy, but also the science of candor, as a TV host for the unorthodox comedy shows Hecklines and Front Act. And because, after all has been said and done, laying his wit to rest has never been an option. You would think enough is enough but Stanley Chi prefers not to rest on his laurels.

Besides, it can take one man to make the whole world laugh. Okay, maybe Stanley Chi is not that man – at least, not yet. But he sure is getting there.