7 Things I’ve Been Doing While I Was Away from My Blog

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I honestly don’t know how to start writing this blog post. I haven’t updated this website in so long that I forgot how my blog posts usually start or what I usually blog about.

Wait a minute, English yun ah… Naks, poser!

Topper the Supladog and Mr. SupladoTopper the Supladog and Mr. Suplado –Yes, my dog gets top billing ‘coz he’s cute.

Alam ko na ang iniisip niyo “Hindi naman nag-i-English itong mokong na ito sa website niya, ah.” Well, I can write in both English and Filipino so let’s compromise. Taglish. Para naman makuha ko rin ang market ng mga conyo kids.

Busy-busyhan: 7 Things I’ve Been Up To Lately

I wanna share so many things with everyone; I don’t know where to start. Siguro iisa-isahin ko na lang yung mga ginagawa ko simula noong hindi ko na na-update ang website ko.

1. A new book

Remember the sawi stories that I posted in 2014? All that is because of my latest book called Chicken Mami for the Sawi. It’s a collection of sawi stories and tips so that all you victims of love can move on from your past mistakes in love, work and life.

Chicken Mami for the SawiThe cover and title is a parody of Chicken Soup for the Soul so stop saying, “Ay, ginaya yung Chicken Soup.” Paki-Google ang ibig sabihin ng parody.

Grab a copy! it’s already available at all leading bookstores nationwide for only 195 pesos. If you’re having problems looking for it in bookstores, ask customer service and they’ll do the dirty work for you. Just make sure you bring money and a sense of humor.

2. My FHM column

My column, One Night Stan, is now two years old and going strong, thanks to my editors who have kept it and my drivel alive. Curious what you’ll read there? Just click this link for my latest entries.

One Night StanThis wonderful artwork was made by the people of FHM online. Thank you for making me look pogi on the internet.

3. Suplado School Tour

In 2014, the Suplado School Tour went to different universities like UST, BSU, Dr. Yanga Colleges, San Beda, PUP, CKSC, Mapua, Ateneo and TUP. One of my advocacies is to share my knowledge with the students. If you want to invite me, simply send me a formal invite via email, stanley@stanleychi.net.

Stanley Chi hearts Dr. Yanga College

PUP Wildfire 2014

Stanley Chi at TUP

4. Television

I was also busy with TV guestings on GMA News TV’s Mars. I’m also hosting the Kwentong Chinoy segment on Chinoy TV.

GMA News TV's Mars

Chinoy TV

5. Comic strips

My comic strips, Chopsticks and Copy-Paste, are still being published in the Manila Bulletin. So, grab a copy or read it online.

Copy-Paste Comics

6. Suplado Shirts

I was also busy with Suplado Shirts. I joined the Noel Bazaar late last year and released new designs and shirt colors early this year. You can order these limited edition shirts online through www.stanleychi.com.

Suplado Shirts

7. Sharing wisdom and nonsense (sometimes, they’re the same)

Since I love updating my social networks – such as my Facebook fan page, Twitter, and Instagram – regularly, I started created memes. I know, I know, buti pa ang mga yan at na-a-update ko. Pero itong website, hindi. Kaya nga bumabawi na ako, eh.

Dahilan 2

These are the things that have been keeping me busy since last year. I’ll do my best to blog at least once a week. I just want to thank all of you readers who keep coming back to my website.

If you have love problems or questions, just send me an email or comment on this post. Big spoiler: I’m cooking something up for a major website, so stay tuned and see you all soon!


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