Suplado Society of the Philippines

1/20/2012 stanleychi 0 Comments

Two years ago I thought of creating a mock group for suplado people, I was surprised when I made a survey on Facebook on who would like to join the Suplado Society of the Philippines.  After numerous requests, I created a logo.  Those who joined and made the logo a part of their Facebook profile pictures for a month became members of the SSP. 

I even wrote an SSP oath which was included in Suplado tips book 1, and  was recited during the book launch last May 21, 2011.  Here’s the SSP oath for all the members and people who wanted to join the group:

Suplado Society of the Philippines

Wanna join the SSP?  Use the SSP logo as part of your profile picture till March 2012, the induction of new members will be at the Suplado Tips 2 book launch.  Check out my website for updates on the schedule, as we will all gather for the SSP Eyeball party at National bookstore Shangri-la mall this March 2012.


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