A sense of belonging

1/20/2012 stanleychi 2 Comments

A sense of belonging

Joining a group in the office is a bit hard especially if you’re not welcome in that circle,  a lot of patience is needed.  There are groups who judge you based on your character, what you wear, how you talk, or how influencial you are.  Here are the type of groups where you might wanna belong to:

A sense of belonging

The Horsemen

Are your parents influencial that you don’t need to work from 9 to 5 in the office?  This is a group where money talks and Rolex watches are just a simple accessory in your wardrobe, cars are the toys for the big boys.

  A sense of belonging

The Rednecks

Being street smart and simple, that’s what’s this group is all about.  Ordinary people who have regular jobs and spend the weekends trying to rest, because of the hectic week in the office.  They know the value of money, just be careful because these people are the type who will envy you because of your success.

A sense of belonging

The Nation

This group is based on your religion or race, at least you have one thing in common.  You might not like it, but these are the ones who will support you when you have no one else to turn to.  People who have the same beliefs help one another, unless envy or insecurity knocks at their door.

A sense of belonging

The Radicalz

Newbies stick together, whether you are the newly hired or a student trainee in the office.  These friendships are temporary because of the fact that one of you will get hired and the others are going to be in other companies.

If you are already in a group then good for you, but there are loners who are just doesn’t work well with others are you one of these individuals?

A sense of belonging

The Silent Type

You work and leave, no camaraderie, you just doing your job and that’s it.

A sense of belonging

The Weird One

No one knows what’s on your mind, they tried to let you in the group but somewhere along the way you freaked them out.

A sense of belonging

The Outspoken S.O.B.

What you see is what you get, you don’t really care if you hurt their feelings as long as you tell the truth.  A sense of belonging

The Lionheart

You’re so focused on your career that you only look out for yourself, money is important that you don’t really care about your contemporaries.

These are just some of the people that you might encounter at work, choose your friends and the people who you want to associate yourself with.  Work buddies are temporary just like office hours are only from 9 to 5, unless you want to work overtime.


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