My Workstation

1/25/2012 stanleychi 0 Comments

I just wanted to share my workstation to everyone, this is the place where I work, blog, write jokes, and draw my comic strips.  Thanks to my brother Richmond for the photos.

 My Workstation

As you can see, I have a limited space for my books, drawing materials and gadgets so I always need to do some spring cleaning every year.

My WorkstationMy Workstation

I have 3 large containers that has all my past artworks, book and comic collections, and other stuff in the room which I plan to sort out in a few months time. 

I hope your workstation is not as disorganized as mine, just keep your important stuff in places that you’ll be able to remember.  Make sure you’re comfortable in your workstation, because you will be working here for quite some time.

Work, enjoy, rest, then play!


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