Collecting comics as a hobby

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I’ve been collecting comics since grade school and one of the first few comics that I bought was Spectacular Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, and Fantastic Four.  I collected Hulk back then because I was a fan of Dale Keown’s artworks, I was hooked with Batman because of the Knightfall storyline, and of course there was Image comics’ Spawn and Pitt. 

I stopped collecting comics because I disliked the artworks of some artists, but I briefly went back to collecting comics because of Jim Lee’s Hush storyline in Batman.  I got a few trade paperbacks, some gave it to me as a gift.

Right now I still buy comics because of the new DC 52, as I grow older the storylines are more important,  artworks second.  That’s why I want to recommend 5 new titles from the new DC universe, I collect most of these comics because of the stories and I can’t help but be amazed by the art.  

Here are my recommended titles for the New DC 52:

Collecting comics as a hobbyAnimal Man

One of the surprise hits of the New 52, I was intrigued by the cover of the first issue and I was a fan of Grant Morrison’s run that’s why I bought this title.  Chilling and scary, Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman made Animal Man one of my new favorite characters in comics!

Collecting comics as a hobbyBatman

Scott Snyder’s take on Batman is a must read, the court of owls is a new adversary that Batman must face.  I do hope that I see more of the Talon in the future.  The Black Mirror storyline from Detective Comics is also one of the best Batman stories in years,  Snyder also penned the series.

Collecting comics as a hobby 


Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis made Aquaman cool again, no longer a laughing stock but a powerhouse in the DCU.   Check out the king of Atlantis as he takes his rightful place as one of the most important characters in comics!

Collecting comics as a hobby

Detective Comics

The Dollmaker is a new character that Tony Daniel created in order to match wits with Batman, add in the Joker to the mix and you’ll have a comic book classic!  The 1st 4 issue are a good read, Tony Daniel continues to impress me with both his writing skills and art.  I’m looking forward for the Riddler to have a bigger role in the Bat books.

There are more books in the new DC 52 that I want to read, but I need to cut down my titles because of budget concerns, maybe next time.  I sure hope you can grab a copy if these comic books. 

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