80’s Comedy Movies

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Betamax tape rentals are big during the 80’s, and growing up I watched some of the funniest teen movies that were available.  Now teen movies can be downloaded on the internet, comedy series are shown on cable, the humor is still there but I can’t help but recognize some of their influences.

Here are some of the best teen comedy films during the 80’s:

80’s Teen MoviesRevenge of the nerds

Way before the Big Bang Theory, these nerds ruled the box office.  It’s about nerds who want to join a fraternity,  I remember the sequels where in the antagonist actually became a nerd.

80’s Teen Movies


Scott Baio of Charles in charge, starred in this film.  It’s about a student who had powers that every guy would want to have.  Check it out, this is actually the movie that made David Pomeranz famous in the Philippines.  The theme song became a national anthem in every student’s prom night.

80’s Teen Movies

Police Academy

Mahoney and the gang are new police officers, these bunch of misfits prove their worth while giving out a few laughs.  The sequels are also quite popular, thanks to the great casting and funny moments.  Move it, move it! 

80’s Teen Movies

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Way before Wayne’s World and Dumb and Dumber was Bill and Ted.  A young Keanu Reeves with the legendary George Carlin made this film a must see!

80’s Teen Movies 

Teen Wolf

Michael J. Fox, was popular during the 80’s and this is one of the films that made him a star.  Of course, Back to the future was also a hit but Teen Wolf is way funnier!

These are just some of the comedy films that made my teenage years quite enjoyable, I hope you can get to watch it too.  Long live teen comedy movies.


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