May Pera sa Pasko

12/15/2011 stanleychi 3 Comments

This is a common belief among Pinoys here and abroad.  Every December people go to 168 mall or Divisoria to buy gifts for everyone, traffic is everywhere during this time of the year.  Ninongs and Ninangs either hide or give gifts to their inaanak, reunions and parties are schedule every week of December.

Here’s my take on the topic:

May pera ang mga Pinoy tuwing Pasko!

May pera o wala?


  1. My son and I read this. Hehehe. Teacher Stanley kelan na yung pangako mong drawing class para kay Krelian? Namamasko lang. :P

  2. @ Ia: Naku, wala na akong art classes pag summer eh... :/
    @ Gellie: Thanks!


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