Pinoy Comics that should be published

10/05/2011 stanleychi 0 Comments

Comic strip compilations are a staple if you are a cartoonist these days, back then book compilations are a bit scarce.  Based on my observations, there are a lot more pinoy comic strips that should be compiled into a book. 

These comics were part of my growing up years during the time when there was no internet or playstation games.

Here are my top 3 pinoy comic strips that deserves to be in the humor section of all bookstores nationwide:

1. Larry Alcala’s Slice of Life

Comic strips that should be published

The maestro, Mang Larry’s Sunday comics is going to be an instant hit among the readers young and old, it’s also gonna be nostalgic for people who grew up looking for Mang Larry’s caricature every Sunday.

2. Asiong Aksaya

Comic strips that should be published

Another Larry Alcala classic, Asiong Aksaya is an informative and funny comic strip that educates readers on saving money.  Mang Larry’s energy saving tips will never get old.

3. Planet Opdi Eyps

Comic strips that should be published

Everyone grew up reading Funny Komiks knows Bardagul & Matsutsu.  Roni Santiago’s classic comic strips is a staple in our weekly reading habit during our younger years.

I hope that the publishers would like to consider compiling these comics into a book, so that the younger generations would be able to appreciate these classic pinoy comics. 


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