Mr. Suplado at DIG Radio

9/26/2011 stanleychi 0 Comments

A couple of months ago I had a series of meetings with the people from DIG Radio.  I met Francis, Norman, and Vin thru DJ Angel and we talked about the Suplado Show.  How time flies because just last week I signed a contract with them and here’s what happened:

Mr. Suplado at DIG Radio

Atty. Vin: Here’s your contract!

Mr. Suplado at DIG Radio

Norman: Welcome to DIG Radio!

Mr. Suplado at DIG RadioMr. Suplado at DIG Radio

Ali and Francis of DIG Radio reads Suplado Tips!

Now that I’m part of DIG Radio, I would like to invite everyone to tune in to the Suplado Show every Monday 9 PM to 11 PM on (  I’ll be giving away prizes to callers and of course I’ll share the latest Suplado Tips and Stories to all my Suplado and Suplada listeners.

Mr. Suplado at DIG Radio

I’ll be posting exclusive videos of this show every week and play the best Suplado OPM music, I’ll also have weekly guests and co-hosts to make your evenings Suplado!

Make this your Monday night habit, Che!


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