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I’ve been doing the Man On the Street segments of Front Act since the year it started, actually it was on the 5th episode of our first season on TV5 that I was able to take over the segment.  It used to be our cameraman/editor Jed that was behind the camera asking questions at a Greenhills parking lot, and all you see is a hand with a mic and people answering the question- that was the old tambytes segment.  I happen to enjoy asking simple questions to different kinds of people, and I feel it is more personal if I was the one doing the interviews so here are some of the Tambytes segments that I found in my old files:

Sino ang mas magaling si Voltes V o si Mazinger Z?

Some of these Tambytes questions are educational, some are just what if’s but rest assured every Tambytes segments is hilarious and worth watching!

Ano sa English ang tabo?

Tambytes became one of the most popular segments of Front Act, sometimes the questions came out of the blue, but most of the time I prepare the questions in advance.

Ano ang new year’s resolution mo?

Here’s to more Tambytes segments in the future, Happy anniversary to the untraditional show Front Act!


  1. Isa yan sa nakakamiss sa front act..yung tambytes questions...tapos mapapaisip sila ng sagot...
    nakakatawa reaksyon nila..hehe, tas yung mga interview din with some celebrity & politicians..astig mga tanong e..Ayos!


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