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Last February I created a daily comic strip that targets the readers who loves gadgets and hi-tech stuff for Manila Bulletin.  It’s in English and the humor is very sophisticated which is very different from my Tsinoy inspired comic strip Chopsticks, here are some strips of Copy+Paste.  Happy reading!

Copy+PasteThe main characters: 3G and Tera (Laptop)

Copy+PasteChip is a big Star Trek fan, his ambition is to be the first Filipino member of the Enterprise!

Copy+PasteDaddy Mac is the father of 3G who is techie during the 80’s and is stuck in that era.Copy+PasteTera which is short for Terabyte is 3G’s sarcastic laptop that always mock 3G’s stinginess or Chip’s obsession on different gadgets.

I hope that after 250 strips I would be able to compile Copy+Paste into a book – my target for the launch is the Book Fair on 2012.  Tell me what you think!


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