Chopsticks Year 8

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My old caricature

This August 1, 2011 is my anniversary as a cartoonist in the Manila Bulletin, I still remember the time when I was still new in the cartooning business.  My comic strip was so detailed that I even used cross hatching and stippling in my old black and white daily strips, I learned a lot during the past years.  All those joke writing sessions, and last minute comic strip submissions in the Manila Bulletin office at Sir Roni Santiago’s cubicle with other cartoonists are very memorable to me.  I met new friends and acquaintances, learned different techniques and matured as a cartoonist.  

ChopsticksMy old black and white Chopsticks comic strip

ChopsticksMy 2011 Chopsticks Sunday Strip

Now my artworks are simpler, I learned thru experience that less is more, a good artwork can’t save a bad joke but a good joke can save a bad artwork. 

ChopsticksChopsticks Year 2004

Good lettering is a must when creating good comic strips otherwise only a select few will be able to understand your comic strip.  I was able to share what I learned in cartooning thru my art workshops for kids and if ever new cartoonists would ask for my advice.

ChopsticksChopsticks Year 2011

Writing comic strip jokes and stand up comedy jokes are very different, but I owe a lot to my comic strip Chopsticks for the skills that I learned thru the years.  This is where it all started for me, Discipline, passion, and hard work are the ingredients in any field that you go into.  There are a lot of talented artists out there, I may not be the best cartoonist, artist, illustrator, joke writer or what have you.  But as long as you work hard and love what you do, anything is possible. 

Here’s to more Chopsticks comic strips in the future!


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