The Adventures of Mr. Suplado

7/08/2011 stanleychi 0 Comments

Mr. Suplado at the summer art workshops

Last summer I was playing around with my Flip video and started filming funny stuff during my summer workshop, it was just last month that I was able to edit the videos and upload it in Youtube.  Here are some of the Mr. Suplado videos,  I promise to upload new episodes every Monday or at least once a week!

The Adventures of Mr. Suplado Episode 1

Episode 1 and 2 are shot in the province, episode 3 was at the presscon of NBA 3 on 3 with Horace Grant and episode 4 was at the pictorial in Pioneer studios with Bogart.

Episode 2 Observe Cleanliness

Episode 2 was at the same place in the province, I noticed that there’s an old broom in front of the sign Observe cleanliness so I started to have fun with it.

Episode 3 with Horace Grant

Episode 3 was at the Marriot hotel for the NBA 3 on 3 event with Horace Grant.

Episode 4 Bogart meets Mr. Suplado

Episode 4 is done while waiting for our turn at the photo shoot last July 6, 2011.

If you wanna be featured or if you know a place or signage that needs to be in the next adventures of  Mr. Suplado just email me at


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