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Chinoy TV

Last week I got a call from my manager Lani, and she told me that I was being invited to guest in Net 25’s Chinoy TV segment Chi Profiles, their topic for that episode was “Hobbies” and my comic strip Chopsticks was featured because of it’s Tsinoy theme.  I saw one of their hosts Jerome Go in my friend Caleb’s wedding last March and told him that I watch their program. 

Chinoy TVThe taping was fun I really enjoyed my interview segment, hopefully the staff would edit my humorous comments and bloopers hehe.  Their producer Auntie Lorraine gamely posed for photos with me, I even have my own Ang Pao (Red Envelope) props for this picture!

Chinoy TV

Stanley: Ako lang ang binigyan ng Ang-Pao sa mga nag-guest sa Chinoy TV… Joke lang ha!

Chinoy TV

Kilig moment… LOL!!!

Chinoy TV

Chinoy TV Staff and Producers

I gave a demo on how to draw a comic strip for a future episode and I also made a Chopsticks fan art for their program.  I met their producers and the show’s staff during the Saturday morning taping at 168 Residences’ demo unit near Yellow cab, Binondo Manila.  My guesting will be shown on July 24 Sunday, but I’ll also post the video on You tube.  I even made humorous comments for their merch plug for that episode my improv dialogue was “Matagal ko nang pinangarap mag audition sa Chinoy TV kaso hindi ako marunong mag salita ng Mandarin!” 

Chinoy TV

Souvenir artwork for Chinoy TV

I was able to promote my books and the staff posed for pictures with the Suplado Tips book and Chopsticks books.

Chinoy TVChinoy TVChinoy TVChinoy TVChinoy TVChinoy TVChinoy TVChinoy TV

Thanks to Chinoy TV for inviting me to guest in their program!  I’ll be speaking hokkien and a little Mandarin in that episode so  if you wanna hear me speak hokkien watch my guesting on Chinoy TV this Sunday 10:30 AM on Net 25! 

Here’s the teaser video of that episode:

Learn to speak Chinese with Stanley Chi!


  1. Ayos to ah...mukhang happy tlga si Stanley, sa mga photos... Mapanood...this sunday na po ba yung nandun ka sir?


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