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9/10/2010 stanleychi 2 Comments

Being a DJ on UR 105.9 FM’s Robo Rock Radio Show every Thursdays 9 to 11 PM made me look back at the songs that I listened to when I was still in high school.  I noticed that OPM was still hot, cassette tapes were 75 pesos, a typical album had 10 songs, and if you were a male singer you needed to have a “cheesy pa-pogi song” – it would be a typical fast song that was always about a girl whom the guy was making pa-cute to, or about how the artist was frustrated because of his “good looks” with all the girls after him.  The character of the artist here should be feeling pogi – think Rob Schneider.  I’ll post my five OPM Pogi songs from the 80’s to 90’s and these are… 

Miss by Janno Gibbs

I’m a fan of Janno and he is a master of being “Feeling Pogi.” Most of his songs were written in a way that would fit his personality.


Pogi by Da Pulis

Before Gabe Mercado went solo, he was a member of this band that made the world realize how most Pinoys are pogi and feeling pogi.


Mahirap maging Pogi by Andrew E

The rapper who became known for being pangit is not really pangit but a marketing genius who created a self-deprecating personality that Pinoys love.


Ako’y iyong iyo by Ogie Alcasid

I was a huge Ogie fan back then and this was his first single from his self-titled album.  Ogie is always being teased about being short, but Pinoys love this small brother.  You might laugh at his height but I’m sure Ogie is laughing all the way to the bank.  


Babaero by Randy Santiago

Randy became popular with this Rico Puno-ish song that was a hit during the 80’s. This is a Macho Gwapito version 2.0 song – with a twist.

These songs are always in my iTunes playlist and this blog post shows my love for old OPM hits, revealing to the world that I’m also a “feeling pogi” guy, just like any other guy.


  1. Ako syempre yung ginawa kong kanta, Suplado Is The New Sexy. Check niyo sa Youtube....
    Nakaka-pogi rin ang pagiging Suplado yan ang turo sa atin ni Mr. Stanley! Yeah.

  2. @ Nirro: Correct! Thanks Nirro :)


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